Monday, February 16, 2009

Revloution Engine 0.4, Work in progress

Long time without news. I haven't stopped working on this project, in fact, I'made a lot of work. So today I write to make a quick report of the development state of REV 0.4 and what we should expect from it. This new version is full written from scratch and most of it is purely new code, so the hardest part of the development has been recompose the previous functionality (as well as cleaning some bugs in it). Nowadays almost all previous functionality has been recovered: Automatically managed root, 3D static models rendering, simple texturing, collision detection, camera moving, etc...but many of this systems have been redisigned and re-implemented in order to work in a more proper way. For example, in the new cameras system, there is no need to create an initial camera, there is a default one, thus simpliflying the learning curve of the engine as well as the use in 2D rendering. Core system has also been redisigned to introduce a new concept: The content manager. Content manager accounts for content loading and tracking, now you dont have to worry about the same mesh being loaded many times. If a mesh was already loaded, the content manager returns a pointer to it instead of loading a new instance of it. Another important change is about language. As in this blog, the language of the engine has changed, now full syntax is in english, no longer spanglish. I know this can bring some problems when upgrading previous applications, but I think it is a necessary change and now it is the best moment for it.
Ah, I almost forget, I've repared my capture card so soon I'll upload new screenshots and videos of the engine.