Saturday, August 29, 2009

Critical bug in alpha 3

There is a bug in the current release of alpha 3. When you try to assign a material to a visible Object, the wii hangs in the middle of the render process. I'm still trying to figure out why is this, but in the meantime i suggest using alpha 2 instead.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Alpha 3 released

Revolution engine Alpha 3 is released. You can check it in the downloads zone, as usual, in Rmd format isn't supported yet, so please keep using the Rms instead.
Now I have one more piece of news: C++
I've started to write a C++ version of the engine. Hopefully it will be easier to use and more efficient in object oriented tasks (most of them in a game engine). More details in next posts ;)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Model Viewer Video

This is just the first video of the Under-Development Model Viewer for Revolution Engine 0.4.
Since Revolution Engine is supposed to be a full Game engine, it will have it's own editors and viewers, and Model Viewer (or Object Viewer, name is not decided Yet) is just the first of them.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bugfixes update

Revolution Engine v0.4 alpha 2's been updated to fix some bugs and add little improvements (e.g. a camera creation function). Some other things have also been included (as a new type of material). Remember that Rmd format is not supported yet, please wait to alpha 3. I've also found some bugs in the converter and will update it with the fixes as soon as i finish the specification and the loader.
Oh I almost forget, specular maps alredy work in basci material.

Enjoy the update!

Monday, August 10, 2009

File Converter and Rmd format

I'm working on a better and faster file format for models in Revolution engine.
When it's finished it will support both static and animated models, triangle faces, quad faces, triangle strips, various uv sets, and a more things. It will be called rmd (stands for Revolution MoDel) and first revision will be supported in v0.4 alpha 3 (work in progress). It's basically a binary format based on nested lists and is designed to be loaded without recursive readings. Speed, light-weight, and flexibility.
You can download the first release from the web (includes source code) and I'll try to post the specification as soon as I can.

See you!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Revolution Engine 0.4 alpha 2

The second alpha of Revolution Engine is ready to download.
Here is a list of improvements compared to alpha 1:
-Boosted Nodes system (initNode, attachNode, etc...)
-The size of some structures has been optimiced
-Materials now work for real (some problems remain, see notes below)
-Added a Screenshot function (So I want to see more of your screenshots :) )
-Some bugs fixed


Note About materials: Now, when you add material to an object it no longer dissapears. However, materials are not fully supported yet since specular maps don't work properly. You can use materials with specular color, diffuse color, alpha (diffuse color alpha), glossiness (as specular color's alpha), specularity and diffuse maps (replacing diffuse colors). All that stuff should work properly in Basic materials. Masked materials are not supported yet.