Sunday, September 27, 2009

REV 0.5 progress

Today's post is just a report on Revolution engine v0.5 progress.
First of all I want to say what we should expect from this version. Since 0.5 means half-way to 1.0, half-way to complete the engine, I'm creating a very reliable version. Why C++? well, I really belive that any good Game Engine nowadays must be written in C++, or at least in some Object oriented language. Most C++ capabilities of C++ can be easily emulated in C, but this leads to uggly, buggy code.

This is the last time I'm writting the engine from the scratch, so next versions are going to be written on top of 0.5, and much of the code is gonna be kept. So if I'm keeping some code, it must be on the final language, and I must be sure it's reliable, modular, bug-free, and all those things.

This is good, since now on we're going to enjoy a much more robust and reliable engine.
And it's good because finished code can be documented, wich will help everybody start using the engine.

Documentation, testing and debugging take a lot of time and effort, so developping the engine is now a bit slower.

Now it's time to some aproximated figures:
-Code development: about 70% to first alpha release
-Documentation: First stages
-Testing: First stages

I Know it's not much, but be patient ;)

Thank you all.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Guess what's next?

These are my homemade HT glasses, guess what I'm working on? :D
Comming soon

Saturday, September 5, 2009

In Development Screens of Rev 0.5

First screens of Revolution engine 0.5
Version 0.5 is the first C++ version of the engine, much more robust and reliable than earlier versions and further more documented ;)
It's still under development, of course, and nowadays these are the only working features:
Rendering system
-3D Nodes based
-Multiple Viewports (Split screen)
-Multiple Cameras
-SkyBox rendering
-Model loading (rms)

Lighting system
-Software lighting
-Directional lights

-Boosted initialization code
-Time Wrapping effects (e.g. Bullet time)
-Correct screen blackout at start

No more delay, here are some screens:

Ah, remember that thought version 0.5 alredy is under development, 0.4 keeps being developed too.