Friday, May 1, 2009

Object Viewer


it's been more than a month without updates, quite a long time. Today I bring good news: An Object Viewer is being developped. One of the current lacks of revolution engine is the lack of tools. There are almost no tools to simplify the task of creating a game, almost all is made by code, even materialas have to be coded. But this is gona start changing. The first tool is almost finished and will most likely be released among next week. It is a small application for our Wiis, running the current implementation of revolution engine 0.4 (W.I.P.) and allows us to quickly see how our objects would look in a game using revolution engine 0.4. We can adjust things such us lighting conditions and material properties and even save this into a material file so we don't need to code that stuff ever again. This visual material editor makes easier, faster and more intuitive the process of creating materials for our objects and at the same time fits perfectly for artists because you don't need to write a single line of code. With that, I say goodbye, but I give you a couple of screenshots of the development of Revolution engine Object Viewer.