Monday, December 20, 2010

Learn how to create a 3D engine from scratch

Yesterday I did some work on Revolution Engine SVN. Now there are two versions of the engine in it. One is the latest, almost functional REV-0.6. Almost functional because there are some random crashes, probably related to the text system.
These version is not going to be continued because I designed it's architecture in a way that no longer can support the complexity level the engine was reaching.
That's how the other branch was born. One of the main reasons for creating Revolution Engine was learning. Not only learning, but also sharing all the knowledge generated in the process.
So what I'm doing now, is create a new version for Revolution Engine, and make it's source public from the very begining.
Right now, v0.7 does nothing but a little initialization and some mathematical calculus. I'll try to document all the process. Writing here, in the forums, or the wiki, the reasons for design decisions, architecture decisions, explanations for some optimizations or how subsystems do their work.
All of that will be public, and I'll post here screens and reports of the development process.
Enjoy the development :)


Kagemaru said...

hei, as always love your work.
i dont mean to pressure you at all, just asking. but do you have any plans to port this to the ps3?

i think that would be a great step!

but maybe alot of work for you, but as you are starting from scratch.....

Technik said...

Hi Kagemaru, I've been thinking of porting the Engine to PS3 and make it multi-platform. It's a big step and it's now, the time to decide it, as you said.

The only problem here is...I don't have a PS3 to Test with.
Maybe I can get access to one at work... don't know.

Anyway, I'd love to do that.

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