Saturday, July 25, 2009

Revolution Engine 0.4 alpha 1

The day has come. The new version of the very first 3D Game Engine for Wii is here.
Full of new features, improvements and optimizations. The list is long, so I'm posting just the major changes and letting you discover the rest.
-Full support for transparency. Many transparent objects can be superposed one after another and change position dinamically without causing render bugs.
-Software Vertex lighting: You finally can render lighted scenes. Multiple lights, specular lighting, diffuse lighting, etc...It's so basic in alfa 1 but will be improved n future alfas.
-Multiple viewports and cameras: Now you can divide the screen into multiple viewports, for multiplayer gaming, for example.
-Materials system: Will be improved in future alfas, but it alredy is quite powerful. Difuse and specular colors and materials, different flags, specularity, glossiness.
-2D system: buttons, true type texts (GX based), windows...
-Automatic pointers: forget about programming all those things about the IR pointers's done by default.
-Discover the rest yourself ;)

Another important change is about naming conventions. Now function names, flags, macros, definitions, etc...are all in full english. Say goodbye to Spanglish because English is the convention for all versions now on. Names start in Lowercase and Uppercase is used for separating words.

You can download the engine at Revolution engine, downloads zone.



Kagemaru said...

you have really made my day!

thank you so much for making my life
alot more fun and interesting! :)

RazorChrist said...

Nice! Unfortunately, my entire system went down, damn heatsink latches broke, so now I have to wait until new parts arrive.

Jeff said...

I'd really like to check this out, but am having trouble getting started. Are there any really simple examples that you can post?

I've gotten the 'Hello World' example to work, but I don't know what it takes to show a simple model (e.g. loadRms(), etc)

EvilSpoon said...

Great !

Looks really interesting but examples and/or tutorials would awesome. I could figure out by myself a few things but I'm only using the basic functions.

Any tips about creating/creating/using MD5 files ?

Anyway, this can become a major 3D lib for Wii, next important step is documentation !

Thanks for your work ! :)