Saturday, October 23, 2010


Revolution Engine has become rather a big project. It always takes me a lot of time to prepare a new release. And what if someone suggests a small change? what if I want to add a little fix? Working only with big releases is not practical.
Those are some of the reasons why I've decided to set up a subversion repository for Revolution Engine.
I'll keep doing big releases for each complete version, and since this system will also increase the development speed, it will allow me to add more content to these releases.

Right now, Subversion holds the WIP 0.6 version. It basically implements everything that was in 0.5 version except for material system, that I'm rebuilding into something more powerful and even easier to use. Those of you who want to keep an eye on development can track the subversion log or checkout the last version (feedback is greatly wellcome)

This is the project link Revolution Engine SVN at google code



Anthony MICHEL said...

Dear Technik,

Thank you for your svn repository.
It will easier for everybody to contribute to the project.

Don't you think it could be a good idea to commit also the data used by the example in trunk ?

I had a problem in homeMenuInit() because the loadTexture function is not found. Where could we post such an error so that you can correct it ?


Technik said...

Hi Anthony,
Texture system and material system are both being remodelled for this new version. In the process, some functions can dissapear and be raplaced by others, that may or may not work the moment they're added.
It's just me developing this project, so if I had to test every change in every component...I'd never end, so I try to focus on the main subsystems of the engine. This has two consecuences. First, feedback from users becomes very important. Second, some experimental functionality (like Homebrew menu), may or may not work.

About the data used by the example...yes, I think you're right, in my next commit (a few hours from now, I think) I'll update some content (And a new tool) so everyone can use it.


Technik said...

By the way, you can post all issues and problems you may find in the forum (

Anonymous said...

i wish i could give my contribute to this great engine keep it up!