Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Revolution Engine 0.4 alpha 2

The second alpha of Revolution Engine is ready to download.
Here is a list of improvements compared to alpha 1:
-Boosted Nodes system (initNode, attachNode, etc...)
-The size of some structures has been optimiced
-Materials now work for real (some problems remain, see notes below)
-Added a Screenshot function (So I want to see more of your screenshots :) )
-Some bugs fixed


Note About materials: Now, when you add material to an object it no longer dissapears. However, materials are not fully supported yet since specular maps don't work properly. You can use materials with specular color, diffuse color, alpha (diffuse color alpha), glossiness (as specular color's alpha), specularity and diffuse maps (replacing diffuse colors). All that stuff should work properly in Basic materials. Masked materials are not supported yet.

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Demonlord666000 said...

Hey Technik you should check your Priv msgs on wii-brew I left you a nice suprize in there you might fine helpful :)