Monday, August 10, 2009

File Converter and Rmd format

I'm working on a better and faster file format for models in Revolution engine.
When it's finished it will support both static and animated models, triangle faces, quad faces, triangle strips, various uv sets, and a more things. It will be called rmd (stands for Revolution MoDel) and first revision will be supported in v0.4 alpha 3 (work in progress). It's basically a binary format based on nested lists and is designed to be loaded without recursive readings. Speed, light-weight, and flexibility.
You can download the first release from the web (includes source code) and I'll try to post the specification as soon as I can.

See you!


EvilSpoon said...

The converter seems to work, but I can't load a static mesh with the current loadRmd() function.

Please, really, put a few short examples in alpha 3, it's be a lot easier to understand every part of the engine !

Thanks :)

Will said...

Examples would be great :D