Monday, September 7, 2009

Guess what's next?

These are my homemade HT glasses, guess what I'm working on? :D
Comming soon


Adrián said...

Esto cada vez tiene mejor pinta :)

realbrucest said...

De verdad, realmente fantástico tu trabajo. Todos nos flipamos una barbaridad al principio con la ocurrencia de Johnny Lee (ahora trabajando en Proyect Natal el tío) pero al final aún no se ha probado nada práctico. Espero que tu motor también sirva para darle el impulso que necesita el homebrew con headtracking. Por cierto, a ver si te dejas caer otra vez por eol y te haces un poco de promoción por aquellos lares ;)

Robert said...

Hi Technik,
i really appreciate your work.
It was very interesting to me how
to do 3DGrafix without OpenGL or
You started from Scratch so
i ported the basic things to OpenGL
wich resulted in a very tiny and portable 3DEngine :-)
Since i used your inital rms format
for models i can give you some tools for your engine.
For example an rms exporter for blender :-)
If you want i send you also sme cool screenshots of my engine.
The idea behind is that i rather want to develop a 3D game on a PC
than on the wii.
but if you keep your source open
we can port maps and models between
these engines, if you like :-)