Friday, May 14, 2010


Last days I've been thinking a lot about this project. The fact that my Wii is broken prevents me to develop actively for a while, but I think there is no need to stop the project itself just because I have to pause. This is why I have decided to release the code "As is" right now, and as it was befaore last add ons. Since I anounced the core was finished and running I've made some improvements and bug-fixing, some deep changes also and I've also broken something in the render system (I could repair this if I could test it).
What do I mean? easy, I'll release and publish the source code of the engine, and some of the ideas that guided me in the development, in the hope that the Scene comunity can help the project and continue it with me. This is a call for developpers interested in this project to join and maybe make a team to support this powerful engine and finish it.
First of all, let me a few days to organice everything and generate some basic directrices, roadmaps or something. Sugestions and advices will be wellcome.
Then, when I think everything is ready, the code will be published, so everyone can take a look at it.
Moreover, from right now on, any developer interested in the project can send me an email and I'll be pleased to send him a copy of the source code or answer any question he has.
My e-mail is

Thank you everyone who follows this project.


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