Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rev 0.5 will be released by the end of August

Yes, so many times I've talked about this version, but it's now ready, finished, tested, etc...No alphas, no betas, no more half-finished versions, Just the final Revolution Engine 0.5 version. Feature list won't be revealed until the release day, but I will post another list right now: Examples list.
Yes, for the first time, Revolution engine will come with a set of examples showing how to do the basics. Thought there might be last minute changes, this is the list of examples incuded:
//For 3D
-Objects & Model:, display 3D stuff on the screen
-Materials & lights: increasing realism
-Nodes: Attach, deAttach, move, rotate, setPos...all that useful stuff
-Cameras & Viewports: Using cameras, split-screen, etc...
//For 2D
-Panels & Nodes: the basics
-Texts: no description needed
-Buttons & pointers: Actively using wiimote pointers in the engine

I'm sorry I can't post any captures/videos now, but soon you will be able to run those examples on your own wii, even more, soon you will be using it all to create your own games for wii

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EvilTroopa said...

Wow ! Great news ! I thought you'd give it up, but it's cool you could come with the new version :)

Can't wait for the actual release :D